Coral Farm
Coral Farm
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Why Coral?
We are a team of experienced software developers and DeFi actors that want to contribute to the BSC DeFi yield farm movement and take it to the next level with real word use case and positive impact.
We are trying to create a perpetual deflation token model, the Coral ($CRL), that allows a sustainable price model with a sufficient burn mechanism.
We don't aim to replace the swap & exchange but to add value into the ecosystem and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with high APR.
On top of that we are implementing a positive eco-impact in our tokenomic to link deFi with real world actions.
We have launched a yield farm with a fair token distribution ! No premine, rewards have been announced in advance, and no one got any allocs. We have tried to launch in the most fair conditions.
What do we get then?
We believe that the usage of the farms will be enough for our team to get the dev funds needed to cover expenses and pay the incentives.
Features Coral uses awesomeness to drive our liquidity pools and swaps. Soon, liquidity pools and swaps will be done within Coral in order for us to implement incentivisation mecanisms for CRL holders.
Improved burning mechanism
We are trying to create a strong burning mechanism that increases the token price constantly
  • 3.9% burn fee will be charged at staking (current rate but might be reduced in the future)
  • The burning transaction fee will be used to purchase Coral and burn some of the circulating supply
  • We hope to create a Coral for everyone to farm from it! Earn Coral, and other coins (to be determined) while staking.
  • Timelock added to contract at launch
  • Removed migrator code (inherited from Pancake swap)
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